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Mentoring & Mentoring Programmes

As a Mentor, Mick can help you develop your Leadership skills. Mentoring differs a little from Coaching in the way we experience context. What the Mentor brings to the conversation is real life experience, an understanding of the context, and stories that can be shared based on that experience.

Mentoring has become an important issue for organisations. Tacit knowledge leaves organisations when employees move on or quit. This knowledge costs your business in both financial cost and knowledge loss. Why not implement a knowledge retention programme with mentoring in your firm?

A Mentor will share their knowledge and experience but it is up to the Mentee to come with the answers. This is not a teaching relationship, it is a learning relationship where both Mentee and Mentor will learn from each other. The benefit to the Mentee is hindsight from the Mentor and foresight for the Mentee.

Building an internal Mentoring Programme gives your organisation an advantage over your competition by engaging your employees and retaining knowledge.

Learn More about Mentoring

If you want to know a little more about Mentoring or Mentoring Programmes and how this might benefit you or your organisation, why not book a 30 minute call with me and find out more? We can talk through your situation, the issues you face, and discuss if there is something I can help you with.

There is no charge for this call.


Mentoring helps individuals and organisations build capability and retain tacit knowledge. It is a powerful process for employee engagement & retention, and the development of the people in your organisation.

Using Mentoring or creating internal Mentoring programmes can greatly improve employee engagement and build operational capability. 


1:1 Mentoring can be powerful for developing leaders or any other skillset in your organisation.

As a Leadership Mentor, Mick can share his experience of more than 30 years in international business. Mick has worked in 7 countries, spanning Europe, Middle-East, and Asia. He has also worked with US and European, small and large enterprises.

Mick can help you develop your leadership skills in the complex environment we operate in today.

Mentoring programmes are a fantaastic way for an organisation to formalise knowledge transfer, foster engagement, and provide support to developing employees. 

Mick can help you understand what it means to implemene a Mentoring programme, the commitment required, and the benefits to be gained for your employees and organisation.

Speak with Mick about implementing your Mentorship programme.

When an employee leaves, an organisation loses their knowledge, skills, and creativity. Even when an employee takes a new role in the same organisation, there is knowledge loss.

With many of the older generation now leaving the workforce, they take with them a huge depth of experience and knowledge, sometimes decades worth of knowledge.

Organisations need to manage this knowledge so they can keep their advantage in the market. One organisations knowlege loss, is another organisations win.

Sharing the tools, models, and process of Mentoring with the team enables them to share tacti knowledge and keep your organisation fit-for-purpose.