If you are visiting this page, you are probably looking for a little more information on what to expect engaging a Coach or Mentor. I separate these two terms to make it clear for you, what to expect from either service.

Coaching Service

What are you looking for in a Coach? As a Coach I can help you realise your ambitions, help you start the journey to achieving your goals. Or perhaps you have started a new role or are looking to change your role?

Coaching helps you uncover the answers within you. The Coach asks the questions that help you to discover your own way forward. A Coach cannot tell you what to do, but a Coach can help you understand all the options available to you. We are sometimes blind to our own capabilities and the opportunities around us, your Coach can help you see what you have seen, understand your own potential, and provide a mirror for you to see your true reflection.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching has recently become a major topic for discussion. Many organisations have struggled during the pandemic and are working hard to help their teams work in this remote, disjointed, geographically dispersed world. The goalposts are changing on a daily basis, hybrid-work has become increasingly common, and teams have never felt so far apart.

A Team Coach can help you and your teams to rediscover their purpose. Team Coaches can help your teams become true value-creators and establish a collaborative and cooperative environment.

Business Agility

According to the Business Agility Institute, “Business Agility is a set of organizational capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working that affords your business the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose. No matter what the future brings.

How can your organisation become resilient, flexible, and have the freedom to achieve its purpose? Perhaps you have already started and need a little nudge. Perhaps you are yet to start and need someone to bounce your ideas off.

With more than 30 years experience, in a number of countries, and industries, I can help you understand where you are now and where you wish to go.

Mentoring Service

As a Mentor, I can help you develop your Leadership skills. Mentoring differs a little from Coaching in the way we experience context. What the Mentor brings to the conversation is real life experience, an understanding of the context, and stories that can be shared based on that experience. A Mentor will share their knowledge and experience but it is up to the Mentee to come with the answers. This is not a teaching relationship, it is a learning relationship where both Mentee and Mentor will learn from each other. The benefit to the Mentee is hindsight from the Mentor and foresight for the Mentee.