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I contribute to a number of websites and publish occasionally on LinkedIn. You can read a sample of my work below.

Executive Coaching: Managing your Investment

Executive coaching can be a substantial investment into yourself or your people. Make sure you choose wisely. In this publication on HR Headquarters I talk about how you might choose the right coach for your organisation.

Finding the Right Candidate: Focusing on IQ, EQ, or LQ?

Over the past few decades, in many industries, we have seen a shift from IQ (Raw Intelligence) based hiring and promotion of staff to an EQ (Emotional Quotient or Intelligence *) based hiring approach. That is, we have seen a shift from hiring purely on intelligence, to hiring more for a fit to an organizations’ culture and the people within these organizations. Read more here.

Emotional Resonance: Leadership Development

Possessing a high degree of Emotional Intelligence can help us to grow as a leader. A lack of the it can cause us to become ineffective or worse be the reason for poor performance and disharmony in the teams we lead. Discover how emotional resonance influences those around us in this SlideShare presentation.

Emotional Intelligence: Better Decision Making

Making good and rational decisions is good for business but what happens when our emotions affect our affect our judgement. How we feel in the moment affects the decisions we make. If we are happy we may give concessions during negotiations, sadness may mean we lose interest and somehow sabotage negotiations; anger may lead to stubborn behaviour where we won’t concede ground; fear may mean we put off decisions; and shock may make us stop taking risks, even measured risks. Find out how our emotions affect our ability to make good decisions in this SlideShare presentation.

Speaking at the EMCC Denmark Annual Conference

Intercultural Coaching helps business performance On Tuesday, February 27th, I'm presenting at the EMCC Denmark Annual Conference. The topic is Navigating Diversity through dialogical competencies. The world is getting smaller, we are more interconnected, and closer...

What is an Agile Coach?

What is an Agile Coach?

Organisations never stand still. They adapt, react, change from within, change based on external threats, with new technologies, find new ways of working, and sometimes they just fade away. Organisations are always in motion and always changing.