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As a Coach and Mentor, I work with Individuals, Teams and Agile Organisations. I am also an Author, Speaker and Business Agility Thought Leader. I specialise in helping People and Teams develop themselves, Transforming Business to Agility, and helping Leaders get out of the way of their Teams to enable success.

Over the past three decades I have worked both locally and internationally in the hi-tech industry, operating at various organisational levels, on three continents.

I work as an Agile Transformation Coach, Leadership Team Coach, Mentor and in my spare time volunteer as the Lead for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Mentoring Centre for Excellence. I am also a host for Business Agility conversations with industry influencers.

With the EMCC I co-authored the EMCC Diversity & Inclusion policy statement and am an adherent to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

With more than 25 years professional practice in people, project and strategic account management in a number of European countries, the Middle-East, and Asia, I have a wealth of personal and professional experience. Developing and coaching teams across global locations, improving motivation, performance, communications and productivity have been some of my career highlights.

I am accredited at Senior Practitioner level (EMCC), an accredited Team Coach (Global Team Coaching Institute), hold an MBA, and have worked in a range of industries including: Localisation, IT Services, Software Development, Education, Tourism, and Training.

I am passionate about learning & development, Agile business transformation, and unlocking the potential within individuals and organisations.

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