In the Media – Professional Speaking Engagements

My professional speaking engagements with a focus on Leadership development, Intercultural diversity, Team performance, Business Agility Coaching, & Mentoring. I am involved at the organisational level of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, the premier Coaching Accreditation body globally, where I lead the Mentoring Centre for Excellence and work on a number of internal projects. I have also worked professionally in technology for more than 30 years so I bring crossover or transferrable skills in to the mix.

Here is a non-exclusive list of my recent Professional Speaking engagements

HR Headquarters – Podcast

In this podcast with HR Headquarters, I talk about the different roles of coaches and mentors; coaching for new leaders; internal and external coaches, and the subtleties of coaching across cultures and internationally

Coaching New Leaders and Coaching Across Cultures - HR Headquarters Ireland

by Mick Lavin | The Interview Series

Intercultural Coaching Community

The EMCC/NOBCO Intercultural Coaching Community (ICC) strives for greater collective impact on the major societal issue of global inequality. The ICC recognises that Intercultural coaching requires an extra dose of humility, self-knowledge, curiosity about the unknown, wanting to puzzle and continue to search for what binds us as humanity.

Intercultural coaching is a designed partnership in which the coach aims to maximise the potential of the coachee by recognising the uniqueness of the individual and being consciously inclusive of differences. ICC builds on the EMCC Declaration on Diversity & Inclusion. This means that diversity is recognising the differences between people, inclusion is about how we deal with this mix.

EMCC NOBCO ICC Dialogue – Agency – October 2022

EMCC NOBCO ISS Masterclass – Intercultural Coaching – February 2022

Mentoring Centre for Excellence

In 2022 the Mentoring CfE team organised the EMCC Global Online Mentoring Conference 2022. We have some wonderful speakers for the day. Here is the opening and Keynote speaker for the day.

Oxygen 4 Leadership Summit

The Oxygen 4 Leadership Summit hosted a range of global leaders. It was designed to talk about how we can make a change within our leadership paradigm. And asked how we can radically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders throughout the world.

Business Agility Institute

The Business Agility Institute is a global research and advocacy organisation for business agility. They are your independent trusted mentors.

I have been involved with the

Women in Agile and how Business Agility thrives in Nigeria, Africa

How to increase the agility of BEAU teams & Entire Organizations – David Clutterbuck

Successful Agile Coaching Engagements through the Team Contracting Model – Tammy Turner

How we could have saved even more lives – Médecins Sans Frontières (Alan Lefebvre)

Successful Culture of Innovation at UKs 2nd largest Energy Provider!

The Evolution of the Transformation Sprint – FLOW

Bjarte Bogsnes on Why Finance needs to Change how it Works!

How Business Agility is essential for Survival of every Organization Now?!

Phil Abernathy: The Cuts are coming? Change Now or Never!

Professional Speaking Engagements with: HR Headquarters, EMCC, Business Agility Institute, Oxygen 4 Leadership