Publishing – Book and App available for download

To help new coaches or those who may benefit from a coaching approach in their work and life, I have published an app & book to get you started. The app and book both help you learn a little more about coaching and to practice coaching skills and powerful questions. Publishing these was a major goal in my own life. I am hoping to follow-up with another publication in the not-to-distant future.

Smartphone App: Coach Training Companion

Provides a foundational introduction to coaching models and the competencies to begin your journey to becoming a great coach. There are more than 230 questions categorised by Coaching Model, Model step, Intervention categories, and more.

Select from Coaching Models (GROW, CLEAR, OSKAR) or review the skills great coaches use every day. When coaching we need to be unconsciously competent with our questioning skills! Review Powerful questions by Category or review questions randomly to build your confidence and competence using Powerful questions in the right place at the right time to help your caochees achieve their Aha! moments and successfully achieve their goals.

Coach Training companion Home Screen

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Book Publishing: Coach Training Companion: A Practical Addition to Coach Training

The Coach Training Companion is the book I wanted when I first trained as a Coach. There are many books out there that provide wonderfully detailed guides on specific coaching models and these are fantastic when you have experience and have found a coaching style or philosophy that you feel drawn to. There are also many books that give brief accounts of different models but no real examples of how to use them. And there are more books that provide a list of questions without any rationale for why and where to use them.

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